Philanthropic Advisor

Spur Philanthropy is a full-service philanthropic advisory serving as a partner for donor advised funds, wealth advisors, and philanthropists. We compliment financial expertise with the development of philanthropic profiles, initiating incorporation documents, strategic planning, next gen advising, board management and succession planning. 

Foundation Management

Whether you are starting a foundation or looking for a team to manage an existing one, Spur Philanthropy takes on the day-to-day workload so you can focus on the joy of giving. We streamline operations and administration, simplify the grant review and approval process, and serve as your boots on the ground with philanthropic partners. 

Legacy Strategist

While liquidity events can suddenly magnify wealth, they also produce unforeseen financial, tax, relational and legal challenges. Throughout the process, individuals need a team of experts to create customized strategies for you and your family. Spur Philanthropy can help navigate this complex process to ensure legacy and impact.  

Corporate Giving Partner

We provide a comprehensive suite of expert guidance and administrative support tailored to your needs, so you can focus on what you know best – your business. By partnering with Spur Philanthropy, you can increase employee engagement, decrease your team’s philanthropic workload, and eliminate duplication across the organization.