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SPUR \sper\ (verb):

To accelerate change and maximize impact

We believe wholeheartedly that we are stronger together—and so do the foundations we serve. Where a single donor can build a house, with  Spur Philanthropy as a partner,  a collective of like-minded donors can build a community. With philanthropy playing a crucial role in transforming communities from good to great, we work to leverage relationships that are built on experience and trust to maximize our foundations’ impact.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in philanthropy,  we manage funds in sectors including education, arts and culture, health/human services and conservation. We are driven by our mission to compound philanthropic giving for the greatest impact on our communities.

4 E's to Excellent Philanthropy

What We Do

Spur Philanthropy’s personal approach provides our clients with a partner and roadmap to distinctive philanthropy and social impact.


Uncovering your unique giving interests and values, informs distinctive generosity with clear vision, mission and priorities.


Create your specific roadmap to impact, using your Explore distinctives and our deep experience.


Centered around sourcing your philanthropic road map, we will collaborate with you to create and manage specific opportunities that align with your mission and values.


Celebrate the impact of your thoughtful work through personalized and curated experiences, visits, trips, and presentations.

To learn more about engaging with Spur, contact Laura Blackburn.

Our Partners

The foundations we serve believe that together, our collective impact can change the landscape of philanthropy. Our role: to define and spur their legacies forward.

Our mission is to turn ideas into action: finding and supporting high-impact projects and leaders who will drive these efforts.

At Bloom Foundation, we believe in the power of action-oriented philanthropy to inspire a thriving community. 

We build our legacy of giving at the GE Johnson Foundation by engaging in the communities where we live and work.

Our Collective Impact

The spirit of philanthropy has shifted to a collective approach that better accelerates change and drives authentic impact. Our portfolio reflects the collective impact our foundations have on making big change in our communities.

Project spotlight

City for Champions

The City for Champions (C4C) initiative is a collection of unique projects designed to attract new visitors to Colorado Springs and the surrounding region, building on the vitality of our community as a health destination and hub for sports and fitness. The projects included in the C4C initiative are The United State Olympic and Paralympic Museum, the Colorado Sports and Event Center, the Gateway Visitor Center, and The UCCS William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Together, the City for Champions projects add dimension, energy and economic vitality to the Colorado Springs region.

Project spotlight

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College drives culture through their multidisciplinary art experiences. Our foundation partners joined together to fund the Fine Arts Center’s continued mission to foster big ideas through inspiration of fine art. As part of the newly formed alliance with Colorado College, the Fine Arts Center will continue to offer world-class art, Broadway-worthy theatre and arts education for all ages and abilities.  

Our Team

Our 50+ years of combined experience in philanthropy, including management of  funds for high-impact projects, is driven by smart, strategic thinking and trusted relationships.

For general questions or to engage with us, contact Caitlin Schinsky, Grants & Operations Director, at cschinsky@spurphilanthropy.com

Tony Rosendo
Founder & Partner

Antonio (Tony) Rosendo attended Colorado College for his undergraduate degree and Denver University for graduate school…

Jenny Stafford

“Giving back” always played an important role in Jenny’s family and upbringing, but she never considered…

Caitlin Schinsky
Grants & Operations Director

Philanthropy has always played an integral role in Caitlin’s life. Growing up, she was fortunate to have parents who believed…

Laura Blackburn
Chief Relationship officer

Laura’s experiences growing up in the Middle East and Europe created a passion for philanthropy…

Leif Ullman
Strategy and Operations Counsel

Leif has held roles in entrepreneurship, technology and business for most of his career…

Built on collaboration

In the spring of 2021, our shared workspace at 315 Collective will welcome eight family foundations and a unique food-hall experience—where family foundations, nonprofits and community members can come together to build community.