The spirit of philanthropy has shifted to a collective approach that better accelerates change and drives authentic impact. Our portfolio reflects the collective impact our foundations have on making big change in our communities.

Project spotlight

The 315 Collective

The 315 Collective is a group of philanthropic funders, led by the Lane Foundation, who came together to fund a Mission Related Investment (MRI), which is a place-based investment that is intended to create positive social change in the community, while also generating a financial return.  The financial return allows the investor philanthropic organizations to increase their capacity to give back to the community.

The 315 Collective is located at 315 E. Pikes Peak Ave. in east downtown Colorado Springs.  One side of the building houses the investor group of philanthropic funders, and The Philanthropy Collective, a group of philanthropic organizations that have come together to create more effective philanthropy through collaboration.  The other side of the building houses The Well, food and beverage hall, and community gathering space that funds the overall investment. 

Project spotlight

City for Champions

The City for Champions (C4C) initiative is a collection of unique projects designed to attract new visitors to Colorado Springs and the surrounding region, building on the vitality of our community as a health destination and hub for sports and fitness. The projects included in the C4C initiative are The United State Olympic and Paralympic Museum, the Colorado Sports and Event Center, the Gateway Visitor Center, and The UCCS William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Together, the City for Champions projects add dimension, energy and economic vitality to the Colorado Springs region.

Project spotlight

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College drives culture through their multidisciplinary art experiences. Our foundation partners joined together to fund the Fine Arts Center’s continued mission to foster big ideas through inspiration of fine art. As part of the newly formed alliance with Colorado College, the Fine Arts Center will continue to offer world-class art, Broadway-worthy theatre and arts education for all ages and abilities.  

Project spotlight

Peak Education

Peak Education was founded with the mission of preventing talent from being wasted. Initially conceived as a scholarship-based incentive program, over more than two decades Peak Education has evolved into a mentoring and college access organization that provides long-term engagement with students and families focused on developing college and career readiness, building students’ capacity for leadership, fostering full family engagement in their students’ journeys, and creating broad-based community connections. Today, Peak Education is on the move building new partnerships with school districts around the city of Colorado Springs and beyond.