Monthly July Update 2020

General Updates

  • 315 Collective – The work is continuing at 301-315 E. Pikes Peak.  Updates on move-in dates:  Center for Philanthropy, Q4 2020, Q1 2021; The Well – A Social Hall, Summer 2021.  Please click on the link to see updated photos and also a flow-chart showing ownership/tenant information.
  • Survive and Thrive – A total of $2.3M was granted to 123 small businesses and non-profits and over 100 community members volunteered to be mentors/subject matter experts.
  • PPCF Relief Fund  – Granted a total fo $1.3M to over 50 organizations.  Click on the attached to see the economic impact report by Summit Economics.
  • Recovery Funds – Purpose is to strengthen the nonprofit sector’s ability to provide services and meet community needs by encouraging innovation and strong business provide operational costs, resiliency grants, resiliency bridges and impact investment funds (MRIs).

Non-profit Survey Highlights

In conjunction with PPCF, a survey was sent to 444 non-profits to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Colorado Nonprofit Survey in Response to COVID-19 Summary Document (FINAL) for the Full Survey Results

  • 444 surveys sent, 236 responses and 31 partial responses
  • In El Paso and Teller Counties, nonprofits sustain over 21,500 jobs and $2 billion in annual direct spending
  • 72% of responding nonprofits have less than 12 months’ liquid financial runway on hand or readily available
Top 5 Immediate Needs:
  • Financial support for new or unexpected services or expenses
  • Ability to acquire safety and protective equipment
  • Providing appropriate technology
  • Abiliy to meet payroll
  • Ability to purchase supplies

Special Initiatives/Conversations

  • Mining Museum/Children’s Museum 2.0 (Education/Arts/Community Development)
  • Family Independence Institute/Atlas (Education)
  • Conservation Fund (Community Development/Education)
  • Southeast Colorado Springs (Community Development/Health & Human Services)
  • QUAD (Education/Community Development)
  • Mental Health Consortium (Health & Human Services)

Community Engagement

  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Conservation Meetings
  • Colorado Funding Group: Family Independence Initiative (FII)
  • Nonprofit Resiliency Initiative
  • Affordable Housing
  • Local Funders – Strategic Response COVID-19
  • 315 Collective
  • PPCF – SBA loan fund
  • PPCF – Emergency relief fund